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Lips, Makeup 21 August 2017

The Body Shop Matte Lipsticks & Matte Lip Liquids

Lipsticks always make me happy. I just cleaned out my collection, so there’s some room for some new colors. Eighteen new colors to be precise, because today I’m showing you the Matte Lipsticks and Matte Lip Liquids from The Body Shop. I love matte lip colors, so I was immediately curious about these colors. If you’re curious as well: I tried them all out, so read on to see them on my lips!

Lifestyle 20 August 2017

Trying the Nintendo 2DS XL + Miitopia! VIDEO

I’m definitely not a huge gamer, but I do like to play a game every now and then. When I was a little girl, I had a Gameboy, and I liked it a lot. When Nintendo asked me if I wanted to try out the new Nintendo 2DS XL and the game Miitopia, I obviously said yes! I tried out the new console and the game, and I approve. If you want to see how they look, read on, because I made a video on them!

Lifestyle 19 August 2017

Traveling to Sziget with an Interrail Pass: My Adventure

Guys, what do I have an adventure behind me. I decided to go to Sziget last week, and I did that by train! Michelle, my festival partner, would come a day later, I left on my own by train to Budapest to meet Michelle there. It was very exciting and adventurous, and I have a lot to tell you. Ready for A LOT of photos? Then read on right now!

Lifestyle 28 May 2017

I Don’t Have A Belly Button + Video

Some time ago I posted some photos that called some controversy, if I may call it that. On those pictures, it was very clear that I have no navel. Many people thought that was the result of a firm Photoshop session, but today those rumours will be undone. I actually have no belly button. In this article you will read how that happened, and all the answers to the questions you asked! Read on if you want to know the story about my stomach.

Fashion 13 May 2017

Zumprema Funny Socks

Usually I just wear black or white socks, but that can get so boring! But the last weeks, I have often chosen for a sock with a nice print or bright colors. They can give your outfit the perfect amount of fun, and I like that playful look. Recently, Zumprema launched their own line with cute socks: Funny Socks. I was sent three of their best designs, and today I want to show them to you. Read on if you want to see my new pairs of Funny Socks!

Skin Care 12 May 2017

A Tan All Year Round: Marc Inbane Original Tanning Spray

I use selftanner all year long. Because I always protect my skin very well from the sun, and I have a fairly light skin, I almost never get a tan. I think that’s so unfortunate, and so I trust in the power of selftanners! I have already used nearly all kinds of self tanners: mousse, cream, gel, you name it. I know exactly what I expect from a good tanner, so today I’m sharing what I think of the Marc Inbane Original Tanning Spray. Read on if you want to know how I keep my tan all year round!

Makeup, Nails 11 May 2017

Essence Blossom Dreams

At the moment there are two trend editions of Essence in the stores, and I’ve spotted them all! Today I’m discussing a super fun item from the Blossom Dreams trend edition. I had already seen the concept a couple of times, and I was very happy when I saw it in the Blossom Dreams collection! Today I’m showing you a nail pigment with mirror effect from the Essence Blossom Dreams collection! Read on if you would like to know which item I chose.

Fashion 10 May 2017

OOTD: Wine

I like wearing red clothes so much, so today’s outfit is really something that suits my taste. I recently found matching pants and a top in a beautiful wine red color. I like matching items, so I love to wear them together! I combined the red pieces with a long beige duster and my new boots. Read on to see how I wore my wine red outfit!

Skin Care 9 May 2017

Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift

I’m a true freak when it comes to skin care. I am constantly looking for new products and techniques to make my skin better. Today, Dermalogica launches a new eye mask, and of course I had to try it out! As one of the first I tried the Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift. Read on if you want to see what I think about it!

Makeup, Skin 7 May 2017

Givenchy Teint Couture Fluid Foundation

A good foundation is the base of a beautiful makeup. I often use a BB or CC cream, but occasionally I just want some more coverage and then I go for a light foundation. And that foundation must be perfect, so my search for a perfect foundation never stops. Today I’m trying out the Givenchy Teint Couture Fluid Foundation, a liquid foundation that will last for a very long time, and will provide a perfect coverage. Read on if you want to know what I think about this high-end fluid foundation!