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Fashion 13 December 2017

On Sunday I woke up and a feeling of joy overtook me. An intense white light shone into my room along the window; the whole street was covered with a white layer of snow. The flakes kept fluttering down and yesterday it also snowed all day. I love the snow, but the cold is always a bit too much for me. That’s why I decided to wear a super soft, fluffy sweater yesterday to compensate for the cold weather. I combined the sweater with a few new items, so read on quickly if you want to see my newest pieces!

Lifestyle 1 December 2017

First Ski Holiday? 5 Tips!

Last year, February 2016, I went skiing for the first time. I heard everyone tell so many good things about such a snow holiday, and I thought I had to experience it for myself. I had never skied or snowboarded before, and I know myself well enough to say that I am not a pro in those kind of things, so I was very curious about my first ski holiday. Because that time of year is coming up again, I thought it would be a good plan to share five tips, which I found very important for my first ski holiday. Read on quickly.

Skincare 30 November 2017

Glamglow Gravitymud Power Rangers Exclusive Goldar

I did not really grow up with television programs like the Power Rangers, but of course I have seen them pass by. Glamglow recently released two masks inspired by those Power Rangers, and I was immediately interested. Glamglow products are always so nice, so this Glamglow Gravitymud Power Rangers Exclusive Goldar can not possibly be an exception! Read on quickly.

Lifestyle, Personal 17 November 2017

Moving out! Interior inspiration

About a year ago I started living with my parents again, but now I think it is time for my own place. My search for my own home has only just begun. By now I am already so excited with as a result I am searching for interior inspiration. I cannot get enough of looking inside other people’s house, and use their ideas for my personal interior style. I really cannot wait to decorate my own place! Read on for my most funny inspiring pictures!

Makeup, Skincare 16 November 2017

Energy Boost & Hydration: Origins Ginzing

I really feel like having the autumn blues. It’s so grey outside, it’s cold, and I really get tired of it. My skin suffers too: sometimes my skin is dull, while I like to glow! The Origins Ginzing line came just in time, because the products promise to moisturize your skin, and give an energy boost. Today I try the products, both skin care and makeup. Read on!

Body, Skincare 10 November 2017

Believ’in Unicorns

Do you already believe in unicorns? Meanwhile I do, because I recently received the most adorable package with some products of Believ’in unicorns. I think the unicorn-hype is totally awesome, I love everything with bright colors, holographic gloss and cute unicorns! Okay sometimes I am a little girl, but I think that is pretty okay. So I looked forward to jump under the shower to try out the products of Believ’in unicorns. Read on soon!

Perfume 2 November 2017

Bvlgari Goldea The Roman Night

A perfume always has a great influence on your mood, and I always feel a lot more attractive when I have a nice scent on. When I recently discovered Bvlgari Goldea the Roman Night I knew it right away: this is absolutely something for me. With Bella Hadid as a face for the campaign, it’s almost impossible to ignore, but it was only when I smelled the fragrance that I was completely in love. And today I like to share that love with you. Read on soon if you are curious about Bvlgari Goldea The Roman Night.

Geen categorie, Skin Care 10 October 2017

Tested: Maria Galland Body Products

Now it’s getting colder, my skin is drier than ever. I honestly hate to have a hazy skin that looks dry and feels terribly uncomfortable. Especially my hands, legs, feet and arms are the victim of the dry, cold weather. Time to try out some body care products! Today I’m testing the Maria Galland Body Care: the Huile Délicieuse Corps and the Baume Comfort Velours. Read on quickly if you also suffer from dry skin. 

Fashion 4 October 2017

Outfit: Pink & Love

I love pink and I like matching items. What’s more perfect than an outfit that’s almost completely pink? I found some awesome pink trousers that I combined with a pink blazer. Nowadays, I can not get enough of everything that’s pink, and that’s why this is definitely one of my favorite outfits. Today I’m showing you my pink-inspired outfit, and there is even a special “guest”. Read on quickly. 

Lifestyle 3 October 2017

Are You Ready For Black Friday 2017?

Black Friday. Do you already know this special day? Many people know the concept, but where does it actually come from? Why is it called Black Friday? And is it also common to offer discounts on Black Friday in Belgium and the Netherlands? On what day is Black Friday this year? And especially: how can I use this bargain-day myself? Read on quickly, because I’m listing all the information you need!