I am totally into stripes, my closet is full of stripes and lines, it’s over the top. I hope you aren’t tired of my stripes, because today it is stripes AGAIN for me. My outfit of the day reminds me of a baseball game, because not only am I wearing stripes, I’m also wearing a baseball cap. I’m really wondering what you think about my outfit, so read on and discover!

The pictures were made in Portugal, in Barreiro, and I think they came out very awesome. It was sunny, the wind was blowing and the setting of the old train station looks abandoned and a bit murky. My outfit was great for the weather, because the rips in my jeans and the light fabric of my shirt kept it cool, but my skin was protected from the sun.

My striped shirt is from Bershka. I went shopping there once, and then took home almost all of their striped items. I’m not sure what I was thinking back then, but I’m glad I did it. All the items I bought that day became favorites of mine.

My ripped jeans I bought at Primark. I like them very much and get compliments about very often. They have a lot of rips, so they are certainly not suitable for a cold day, but for my trip to Portugal, they were perfect. I bought them a few sizes bigger than my own size so that the fit would be looser, and like this they are just right.

My baseball cap I got at H&M. I not only love the beautiful old-pink color, but also the suede effect that the fabric gives. My head is protected from the sun, and I look very trendy.

The sunglasses I wear I are from ToSave.com, and I’ve shown it a few times before. I received these sunnies for review, and they are currently in my top three favorite sunnies. They are so cool!

The watch I’m wearing, you’ve probably seen in my video about my watch collection, and is from House of Watches. You have probably seen my sneakers too many times, but it was the only pair of shoes I had with me in Portugal. They are my favorite Adidas Superstars.

Shirt: Bershka // Jeans: Primark // Cap: H&M // Sunglasses: To Save // Watch: Sekonda // Sneakers: Adidas
Do you like stripes?

This article contains items I received for review. Read my disclaimer.

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