Press Days in Antwerp: Day 1

Last week, it was press days again in my hometown, Antwerp. For two days, all press agencies opened their doors and allowed journalists, bloggers and influencers to take a look at the new products and collections. Every bureau has exhibited their most beautiful pieces, and everywhere we got information, snacks, drinks and goodies! Today I tell you what I saw on the first day. 

I’ll start with my outfit: I chose something simple and easy, because walking a whole day is difficult in high heels – for me, at least. I wore my new pink sneakers, and did not regret it for a second!

Marnix & Ally

I started at Marnix & Ally where I met Kiki, and together we spent the two days. At Marnix & Ally I immediately spotted these beautiful jewels!

And how cool is this super big patch? I want it!

My first beauty moment I had at Jane Iredale. Thierry told me the whole story of the brand, and showed how he used the products.


We went to Oona, where there was a whole lot to see, and I had to take a picture of this cute bag!

I immediately fell in love with this outfit. I love the shirt and the pants, I would love to wear it!

A lot of love as well for this bag and the flower boots. They are from Primark, can you believe it?!

The people at Oona had set the table so perfectly. It gave a real Pinterest vibe!

At Oona we also had a lovely lunch – I took the noodle salad and Kiki ordered the chicken sandwich – and we had some chocolates for dessert. Heaven.

Secret Garden

With Media Texture, Buro Coco, Appletree, Comprendo, Manufactuur and O’Serieux

At the Secret Garden there were a lot of bureaus, so there was a lot to see. Fashion, beauty, but also food and lifestyle news were abundant. Above you can see Betty Barclay’s delicious perfumes, in adorable colors.

I’m always really interested in the products by Babor. I received some information about the products, and I got a travel kit to try out!

I also spotted these new summer fragrances of s. Oliver. They look supercute and they smell delicious too!

In the Secret Garden we also met Peggy who refreshed our makeup. She powdered me a little and gave me a beautiful eye shadow. Thanks Peggy!

And of course we could take some products home to try out, and you’ll see them soon on Silkeblogs!

How cute and delicious do these awesome macarons look?

With Love Nans

In the same building we also found With Love Nans, but because we did not have much time left we could not stay long. Well, I had an interesting conversation with the girl who designed the table above! I really think it’s supercool!

De Hovre

I had to give another makeup demo that evening, but there were still two bureaus where Kiki and I wanted to go to that day. At De Hovre I saw these beautiful jewels, I really have a weak spot for beautiful stones!

Ivy Lee

Last stop of the day: we went to Ivy Lee. We discovered the beautiful Hugo Boss collection, and some items from Napapijri, and the guys from Pig and Hen made us a beautiful bracelet.

What do you think about my bracelet choice?

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