Essence Blossom Dreams

At the moment there are two trend editions of Essence in the stores, and I’ve spotted them all! Today I’m discussing a super fun item from the Blossom Dreams trend edition. I had already seen the concept a couple of times, and I was very happy when I saw it in the Blossom Dreams collection! Today I’m showing you a nail pigment with mirror effect from the Essence Blossom Dreams collection! Read on if you would like to know which item I chose.

The Essence Blossom Dreams trend edition is the limited edition to announce the beginning of spring. The items are all labeled with flowers and have cute spring colors. Over the past few days the weather has been better and it was even a little sunny and warm! I am so ready for Spring to start, and if I can help by testing this great trend edition, I will do that without a doubt! The Essence Blossom Dreams Trend Edition is in stores from April to May.

  • Essence Blossom Dreams Mirror Effect Nail Pigment, €2,59
  • Essence Blossom Dreams Water Based Top Coat, €2,39

I saw this nail pigment, which allows you to create a holographic mirror effect on your nails. The Essence Blossom Dreams Mirror Effect Nail Pigment contains, according to Essence, silver, and put on a light-colored nail polish it creates a beautiful chrome effect.

The pigment comes in a simple plastic jar, and to be honest is not really easy to work with. When you open the pot, glitter comes out of all sides, so if you want to work with the Essence Blossom Dreams Mirror Effect Nail Pigment, prepare yourself for an explosion of glitter!

The pigment works as follows: you paint your nails with a light color, and apply the powder over the polish with your finger. Rub the pigment open so you get an even and smooth surface. I expected that it would be hard to apply the pigment, but it actually worked out!

Above I have applied the pigment, but no top coat.

After applying the pigment, apply the Water Based Top Coat over the pigment so everything stays in place.

The effect is pretty beautiful, I did not get the surface a hundred percent smooth and even, but with some practice I think it can be done. I did notice, however that the nail polish does not stay on very well. That same evening, one of my nails started to chip a little.


The Essence Blossom Dreams trend edition is super cute, and the Mirror Effect Nail Pigment and the Waterbased Topcoat that I choose are definitely original. The benefits: the effect is cool, and it is not very difficult to apply the pigment. But there are also disadvantages: the jar is extremely clumsy and spilling is unavoidable, and in addition, the pigment does not remain on the nails very well. I give the Essence Blossom Dreams Mirror Effect Nail Pigment and the Water Based Top Coat 6/10.

Have you ever tried out a nail pigment?

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