A Tan All Year Round: Marc Inbane Original Tanning Spray

I use selftanner all year long. Because I always protect my skin very well from the sun, and I have a fairly light skin, I almost never get a tan. I think that’s so unfortunate, and so I trust in the power of selftanners! I have already used nearly all kinds of self tanners: mousse, cream, gel, you name it. I know exactly what I expect from a good tanner, so today I’m sharing what I think of the Marc Inbane Original Tanning Spray. Read on if you want to know how I keep my tan all year round!

I received the Marc Inbane Original Tanning Spray and the Tanning Glove, sent by Captain Tan, THE webshop for the finest selftanners out there. They offer, among others, the products of Marc Inbane, which I am really a big fan of. I’ve had the self-tanner a couple of times before, and today I’ll tell you what I think about it and how to use it best.

The Marc Inbane Original Tanning Spray is a luxurious self-tanner in spray form. Founded by three friends, Inge, Bart and Nele – hence the name INBANE – Marc Inbane gives a subtle touch of gold, like you’ve just been on vacation. Their offer consists of the Original Tanning Spray, the Tanning Glove, the Kabuki Brush and the Black Exfoliator.

To apply my tan, I always use a glove. This Tanning Mit of Marc Inbane is one of my favorites because it is very soft and reusable. With a glove, you will prevent your palms from turning orange (we have already experienced that, haven’t we?) and can make the self-tanner much more even.

The spray can be used in different ways. You can apply the product to your skin by spraying closely, and then divide the self-tanner with the glove. You can also spray from a distance so that the product spreads evenly over your skin. How I prefer to apply my Marc Inbane Original Tanning Spray is to simply spray some of the product on my glove, and then apply the product with the glove to my skin. You can also use the spray on your face, I do it myself sometimes, and then I spray him a distance over my face. I let the spray dry for a few seconds, and then I use a brush to even everything out.


Marc Inbane remains one of my favorite self-tanners. The result is beautiful and natural, and visible without being exaggerated. I get so many compliments on my tan, and that’s all thanks to Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray. What I find so nice about it, is that it is so easy to use. It does not give you stains or streaks, and dries up within seconds. I have a beautiful color all year long without much effort (or going under the harmful tanning bed!).

Do you use self tanners?

This article contains products that I have received. Read my disclaimer.

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