Zumprema Funny Socks

Usually I just wear black or white socks, but that can get so boring! But the last weeks, I have often chosen for a sock with a nice print or bright colors. They can give your outfit the perfect amount of fun, and I like that playful look. Recently, Zumprema launched their own line with cute socks: Funny Socks. I was sent three of their best designs, and today I want to show them to you. Read on if you want to see my new pairs of Funny Socks!

The socks I sent were all inspired by food! So much fun! The Funny Socks are decorated with donuts, muffins and even pizza, and they all have fun colors. They are made out of cotton and polyamide, so you can wash them without any effort.

The first pair from the set is a pair of socks with pieces of pizza. I’ll tell you a funny anecdote: I had just ordered pizza with some friends, and when the pizza guy arrived with it, I suddenly realised I was wearing these pizza socks and I couldn’t stop laughing. He also thought it funny, haha!

My second pair is one with muffins and light blue. So cute! I also like it that the socks have a brightly colored band, which makes them even more colorful and even cuter. They are also very soft and I like to wear them all the time!

The third pair is inspired by donuts! I’m always happy when I think about donuts, so if I wear these socks, I just have to look at my feet and I’m happy. And I do not know why, but the dark brown strip on my toes makes it look so tasty. Who wants a donut?


I like them so much, the Zumprema Funny Socks. When I see them, I always want to put them on. They are not just cute and funny, but because of their nice colors, they all add up to an outfit. In addition, they are very comfortable, and easy to wash. They are available in a variety of different designs, but I think the ones with food are the cutest! Which of these three socks do you like the most?

Would you wear Funny Socks?

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