I Don’t Have A Belly Button + Video

Some time ago I posted some photos that called some controversy, if I may call it that. On those pictures, it was very clear that I have no navel. Many people thought that was the result of a firm Photoshop session, but today those rumours will be undone. I actually have no belly button. In this article you will read how that happened, and all the answers to the questions you asked! Read on if you want to know the story about my stomach.

The Story

The story about “losing my navel” is actually not as spectacular as you would expect. The exact medical term is ‘Omphalocele’, and it occurs at about one in four thousand births and has a very high mortality rate. What has happened specifically, is that my organs – instead of staying in my belly nicely – were in my umbilical cord when I was in the womb.

Because of this, I was born a little earlier than planned, and after my birth my organs had to be placed back into my stomach and my belly was sewn. I now have a large scar that runs vertically across my belly, and also where my navel should be.

Does it hurt? Does it feel strange?

No, my scar does not hurt. Sometimes, I have these small stings, but they’re not that bad at all. It does not feel strange to me at all, I would even find it strange if I actually had a navel. My scar feels no different from the rest of my body.

Can you have children?

Of course! Having no navel has basically nothing to do with whether you can have children now or not. The only thing that might be a problem is the fact that scar tissue does not stretch as easily as normal skin does. If you are pregnant and your stomach becomes very large in a short period of time, it may not be easy for the scar to keep up. But in itself, that is not a problem, and it can certainly be solved. For the time being, I try not too worry about it that much!

Do you feel insecure because of it?

No, I really don’t. I’m not ashamed of my belly, but sometimes I notice that it raises questions to others. Then I would sometimes prefer them to come to me asking how I got it, instead of looking for statements that are totally not right, haha!

Would you have it ‘corrected’?

For the time being, that’s not something I’m thinking about. I think that is very difficult to remove a scar, and why would I correct something I don’t feel bad about. So, at this moment, I would not have it “taken away”, but if it would ever feel right I might correct it. I can not say that at the moment.

Everyone is different

Let’s appreciate that everyone is different! I’m not ashamed of who I am, I’m even proud of my “baddies”. It’s really ok that we all differ, and that it’s possible. Let’s embrace our individuality, and celebrate it!

What makes you unique? Do you also have a ‘defect’?

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