Traveling to Sziget with an Interrail Pass: My Adventure

Guys, what do I have an adventure behind me. I decided to go to Sziget last week, and I did that by train! Michelle, my festival partner, would come a day later, I left on my own by train to Budapest to meet Michelle there. It was very exciting and adventurous, and I have a lot to tell you. Ready for A LOT of photos? Then read on right now!

Day 1: From Antwerp to Frankfurt to Munich

I left on Tuesday morning and would arrive in Budapest on Wednesday evening. I made the whole trip by train, because I got an NMBS Interrail Pass to try it out. I had planned my trip only a few days before, so I hoped everything would go without problems. I started my day with a healthy breakfast!

My first selfie on the train, and on this one I was still a little nervous. The first day I would travel from Antwerp to Brussels, to take the train to Frankfurt and then continue Munich. In Munich I would spend the night, and the day after I would drive to Budapest in one time.

The benefits of an Interrail Pass

  • With one pass, you can only travel through 30 (yes thirty) countries in Europe!
  • With an Interrail Pass you travel extremely flexible.
  • Do you want to stay longer for a few days? No problem!
  • Traveling by rail is a whole lot better for the environment than traveling with an airplane.
  • It’s very relaxing, you can take a moment for yourself.
  • There is almost always wifi on the train, so you can also keep working!

I expected myself to be bored or that things would go wrong, but that was not the case at all. Everything went super easy and smooth, and I really enjoyed the trip. Above you see Frankfurt station, where I switched on the train to Munich.

I had a book, so I could finally read again. On the train there was always wifi, so I could just do my job on the train! The rides lasted about three hours, but they were over before I knew.

That night I arrived in Munich on time, and I actually went to sleep because I did not feel so well.

Day 2: From Munich to Budapest

The day after, I luckily felt all better, so I could catch my train to Budapest on time. This ride also went smoothly, and lasted about 6.5 hours, but it seemed like I arrived after only an hour!

I arrived at the hotel in the evening, and Michelle arrived the night after that.

Day 3: Shopping, dinner for one and Michelle!

The next day I decided to go shopping. I visited a super big shopping mall, and found a lot of beautiful items! I filmed my shopping adventure, and I would soon like to show you what I bought!

In the evening Michelle would arrive, but her flight did not land until midnight. So I decided to go to the restaurant for dinner, and took my book as a date. I ordered bread with eggplant cream, and wow: that was delicious!

To kill the time, I sat on the terrace for a while, and ordered a cosmopolitan while reading my book.

That night Michelle arrived, and at last I was no longer alone! We went for a quick drink, and then we got ready to go to sleep. There were a few long days coming up.

Day 4: Lunch in Budapest, first day of Sziget!

The day after Michelle’s arrival we went to the center for lunch for lunch. We ate a delicious salad.

That night we went to the festival for the first time. We were so excited when we saw the sign on the bridge!

And I went totally crazy when I saw the awesome Budapest letters! That night we only arrived at the site quite late, and we only got to see Kasabian. After that we went to dance for a while, and then we went back to our room.

Day 5: Shopping (again), glitter, backstage!

It was Saturday, and we decided to go shopping once again. I had been shopping quite a lot two days before, so I waited with Michelle next to the fitting rooms and took a picture of my fabulous outfit!

We had lunch in the center of Budapest again, with a delicious lemonade. It was very warm, so the lemonades were more than welcome!

Here you can see the Keleti station in Budapest, where I had arrived on Wednesday. I really wanted to share this photo, because I was so happy about my train trip! I was already looking forward to taking the train back to Belgium.

I didn’t want to go to the festival in my long dress, so Michelle and I changed quickly. We were laughing so hard when we saw our outfits, it was as if we were wearing our pyjamas! I decided to go for my “pyjama-outfit”, but Michelle changed to something less sleepy. How do you like these outfits?

We decorated our faces with some glitter, and then we were totally ready to leave for Sziget.

That night we also met up with Aliz, she is the one that had taken care of me at Balaton Sound 2017, and we partied all night! It was an awesome night with Galantis and Macklemore, they were all so amazing!

We wanted to go check out the Crystal Fighters, and that’s why Aliz decided to take us backstage to their show. It was crazy to look at everything from the other side. It was such a cool night.

Day 6: Goulash & The Chainsmokers

In Hungary you can eat their famous goulash at every corner, and we had seen it so often that we decided to try some of our own. We went for the goulash soup, and it was okay. It wasn’t the best thing I had ever eaten, but luckily we were hungry!

Our outfits were perfectly co-ordinated, and this time we chose a more grunge look.

Sunday we didn’t make a lot of pictures, but of course we had to take a selfie at the glitterwall! Sunday we saw The Chainsmokers, and they were truly amazing!

Day 7: Shisha, meeting Mascha, Major Lazer

The last day we went to Sziget, we each took a can of radler to the festival; it’s some kind of fruity beer without alcohol (or with a tiny bit of alcohol, maximum 2%). We couldn’t take our cans inside the festival, so we drank our radlers at the entrance. So stylish!

I had a total bad hair day, so I decided to do some Dutch braids. I didn’t have any hair elastics, so I used some bobby pins to secure the ends. The result: super ridiculous spiky ends!

Very randomly we walked through the museum area, and in the “photography museum” we took this extremely ridiculous, but oh-so-cool picture! We couldn’t stop laughing when we saw the result.

I had never done shisha, but Michelle told me it’s quite fun, so we decided to try it out at the festival. We chose the cherry flavour, but I didn’t really think it was that special. It does look cool, right? And it totally matched Michelles outfit!

And wow: these sweet potato fries and vegan burger were delicious!

I had done a super quick outfit change at the festival site, and I had put on a dress that I bought in the large mall earlier on my trip.

In this picture we’re both looking angry – it’s for a joke, of course – but this way you can see our wonderful glitters!

On Monday we were really looking forward to the Major Lazer show, and it was so worth it: it was an amazing show and I danced so hard! After the show we went to dance at the Bacardi stand, and suddenly the Major Lazer guys and Diplo showed up behind the dj-booth. It was so crazy!

And as if the night hadn’t been crazy enough, suddenly I spotted Mascha from Beautygloss. I’m a huge fan and I watch her vlogs every day, so I had to say hi. She was so sweet, and she even offered to take a picture. I was so starstruck and so excited! It really made my day!

Day 8: Our stuff is stolen, so we have to go home

In the picture above I am looking sceptical, and that is no coincidence: in our hotel room, a few of our belongings were stolen. The thiefs didn’t only take our cash, but also my train pass. I was completely panicking: how would I get home? I was so thankful when Nikola helped me book a flight home, and the same night he picked me up in Rotterdam. Such a shame, because I was really looking forward to my train trip home.

Thanks to everyone who followed my Snapchat and Instagram Stories, and thank you for all your kind comments! 

Would you travel like this by train?

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