The Body Shop Matte Lipsticks & Matte Lip Liquids

Lipsticks always make me happy. I just cleaned out my collection, so there’s some room for some new colors. Eighteen new colors to be precise, because today I’m showing you the Matte Lipsticks and Matte Lip Liquids from The Body Shop. I love matte lip colors, so I was immediately curious about these colors. If you’re curious as well: I tried them all out, so read on to see them on my lips!

I was sent a box that was completely filled with the new lip products from The Body Shop. On the box you can read the quote “Play it clean, wear it bold”, and that fits so well with The Body Shop!

Does not this look great? All colors are in it, from nude to bright to deep and dark. What a beautiful box, I get so excited when I see it. On the top are the Matte Lipsticks, available in seven colors, and below you can see the Matte Lip Liquids, which you can get in eleven colors.

Here they are, the seven Matte Lipsticks from The Body Shop. The packaging already looks great. You can see the color of the lipstick from the outside, because it shows on the cap, and the design is simple, but looks stylish. The lipsticks also feel very firm, giving you the feeling that they are really luxurious.

  • The Body Shop Matte Lipstick, €12,50

Above, I’ve put all the lipsticks on my arm. The quality of the lipsticks looks very nice. The lipsticks are all matt, and the coverage is even – even at the darkest tint. I think the fourth and last tint will be the most beautiful on me, but the first color I think is cute! The lipsticks are creamy and do not feel dry at all. I look forward to having them on my lips.

Above you see all the colors on my lips. The finish is perfectly matte on all lipsticks, only Rio Fuchsia is a little shiny.

Sienna Rose

I start with a beautiful color. Sienna Rose is a nude color with a slightly brown tone. This is an ideal nude tint for me!

Honolulu Pink

Light pink tones do not often look good on me. This Honolulu Pink is not really ideal for me, but it is a beautiful color.

Lima Magenta

Lima Magenta is a tint that’s quite bright, and I like it! I like wearing bright shades, and this purple color is really cool, especially because of the matt finish.

Rio Fuchsia

This is the only hue that is not completely matte, but I do not even mind. Nice color!

Havana Red

I expected Havana Red to be a lot more red, but I think this orange color is also pretty beautiful. It’s such a shame that the name does not represent the color properly. What do you think?

New Orleans Scarlett

This is already a lot more red, and I think it is beautiful! This may be my favorite color!

Osaka Plum

I love dark colors, and this Osaka Plum is really beautiful.

Above the overview of all the colors. Which one do you think is the most beautiful? I think Sienna Rose (1) and New Orleans Scarlett (6) are the nicest!

And then also the Matte Lip Liquids, and they look very promising. You apply the lip liquid with an applicator in the cap. There are a total of eleven colors, and they all look beautiful!

The colors are quite divergent. The liquids are very creamy and have intense pigmentation. I’m just a little afraid for the two darkest colors, because they seem to be rather difficult with even application. The other colors are perfect. Very impressive!

Above you see all the colors and how they look on my lips. All colors really cover very well, and the lipsticks are all matt to semi-mat. On my lips they feel really wonderful, but because they are so creamy they are not very longlasting. But for me, that’s not really a problem, because I think it’s just as good to reapply them throughout the day if that means that they feel comfortable on my lips.

Windsor Rose

I do not wear nude lipsticks very often, because it’s hard for me to find one that looks good on me, but I do like this one!

Crete Carnation

I have already been to Crete, and it is really very beautiful; Just like this lip color! I will surely wear this one more often!

Taipei Orchid

The color is cute on my arm, but light pink is really a lip color that never looks good on my lips.

Tokyo Lotus

This one I do like. Tokyo Lotus is a bit darker, and the purple color is striking. It is less portable than the nude colors, but can look super cool if it suits your outfit!

Goa Magnolia

Deze is nog iets donkerder dan de vorige, en ik vind hem ook nog mooier!

Paris Peony

Paris Peony is a little lighter and a bit brighter. I think it is beautiful; it looks like Tokyo Lotus, but more to the red side.

Cali Gerbera

Cali Gerbera is a very warm color. I really think that the combination of the matte finish with the orange color really is beautiful!

Sydney Amaryllis

I love red lipsticks, and this deep red color is perfect for me!

Tahiti Hibiscus

Oh, this is definitely a favorite. I love dark colors, and this one is just dark enough without being too dark!

Mauritius Dahlia

Mauritius Dahlia is an intense, dark color. I really like this kind of color, it gives a very stylish look!

Sicily Iris

We finish off with a dark purple color. Sicily Iris is less wearable, but very beautiful. Do you remember that I was afraid he would not cover well enough? My fear is completely unjustified!

Above all the colors again on a row. Which one do you like most? My favorites are Windsor Rose (1), Sydney Amarillys (8) and Tahiti Hibiscus (9).


I actually expected it: The Matte Lipsticks and Matte Lip Liquids from The Body Shop are totally approved. The Matte Lipsticks are very matte, have beautiful colors and remain super good without feeling dry. The Matte Lip Liquids are slightly less comfortable but feel very creamy on the lips and there are such incredibly beautiful colors! I give them both a 9/10.

Are you going to buy one of these colors?

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