Minetan Exotic European Mousse

I hear it very often: wow, you have such a nice tan! My default answer is always: thank you, that’s selftanner! And very often people are shocked. I notice that many people are not really self-tanning because they are afraid of it or find it important to get a “natural” tan in the sun. Me, I think about it completely differently, and I am a total fan of fake baking. Today, I’m showing you one of my favorite self tanners, so read on if you’re curious about the Minetan Exotic European Mousse!

I received a bottle of Minetan Exotic European Mousse from Bodyskin Care. Never before did I try a Minetan product, so I was very curious about the color and quality. Minetan has a lot of different colors, and I think that’s great. You can do a test on the website so you can find your ideal color. For me, it was the Exotic European Tint, which is Super Dark Violet. It sounds promising, so I tried it out!

  • Minetan Exotic European Mousse, €35,95
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I prefer to use a mousse for tanning my skin, because it usually gives the most equal effect and I found it to work fastest. The Minetan Exotic European Mousse has a dark brown, European tone, and takes care of your skin while giving you a color. The mousse works fast and you can choose how intens you like the color.

Because of the green pigment in the mousse, you won’t get that dreaded orange effect!

The color is very dark brown, and it contains a lot of green pigment. As a result, the color will look cooler and more neutral, and you will not get that dreaded orange effect! The mousse is very light and stains my skin very intensively.


This is my skin without selftan. Normally, I use self tanner at least once a week, but now I’ve gone a little longer so that you can see the difference well.


And this is my skin with the Minetan Exotic European Mousse tan. The color is very natural, but intense. You can choose how intense you want to color: let the color sit for one hour for a somewhat subtler effect, but I’ll go for the full three hours for the darkest result!

The effect is not too exaggerated, but I look a lot more tan. In addition, there are no stripes or stains to be seen, and I think that’s fantastic. It is not always easy to put your self-tan on all the way evenly, but it is possible with the Minetan Exotic European Mousse.

I do not always use self-tanner on my face, but sometimes I want my face to look a little more sun-kissed. Above you can see the result when I have given my face a color with the Minetan Exotic European Mousse. The result is very natural, but I look like I’ve been in the sun for a few hours – without the harmful effects of UV rays!

Applying tan on your face is not as easy as on your body. To keep it natural, you should only apply the tan to the sides of your face.

In the photos of my denim skirt outfit, I wear the Minetan Exotic European Mousse tan. I really like the color, I look tanned and ready but it doesn’t look fake!


I’m a fan of the Minetan Exotic European Mousse. The color is natural, the mousse applies very easily, fast and evenly. The result is dark, but very natural. I really think this is one of the finest self-tanners I’ve ever used.

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