Outfit: I’m A Girly Girl

I used to never ever wear skirts, because I thought they made me look too girly, but nowadays I just can’t get enough of them! I am becoming a true skirt-hoarder, and my collection is growing each day. Skirts make me happy. For now, the weather allows us to wear skirts, but it won’t stay like that for long, so I am wearing as many of them as pissible. Today, my outfit is extremely girly, because not only am I wearing a skirt, it is also pink! 

Do you like my skirt as much as I do? It is completely handmade by my mother, and you can get your own! My mother has a shop (online and offline) where you can get fabrics, clothes and you can even learn how to sew. On their website you can send in your sizes and choose one of the fabrics, and then you have your own handmade, unique piece! I really like the combination of the pink with the gold, it gives my look such a luxurious feel.

I combined my skirt with a loose blouse that I got at Bershka a long time ago. It’s my favourite shirt, because it has such a light fabric, and black is so wearable. I love tucking my top in my skirt, because it really accentuates my waist and makes my shape look like an hourglass.

The rest of my outfit I kept quite simple by wearing my Vans Oldskool Sneakers. I really like the contrast between the girly side of the skirt against the cool, casual look of the sneakers. Wearing a skirt with sneakers, I can’t get enough of it!

Skirt: Stoffe & Koffe // Blouse: Bershka // Sneakers: Vans
Do you also like wearing skirts?

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