Sally Hansen Adventure Land

Tomorrow, Summer’s over, and Autumn begins! The summer – and especially the summer holiday – is – officially over, and it’s time for school, work or other adventures! To make sure your nails look beautiful and groomed after the summer, Sally Hansen introduced the Adventure Land line, with seven super cute lacquers. I’m trying out two of them today. Do you also feel it’s so important to keep your nails in top condition at all times? Then read on. 

The Sally Hansen Adventure Land line consists of seven very different colors, which make your nails autumnproof, and also ensure that you can get back to trendy fashion. From left to right you see the colors:

  • 120 – Just Dare;
  • 204 – Adrenaline Cure;
  • 220 – Pink Tank;
  • 247 – Little Peony;
  • 446 – Red-y, Set, Run !;
  • 572 – Wild For Violet;
  • 656 – Swim Upstream.

And at the far right you’ll see the Miracle Gel Top coat, which gives you a gel finish and ensures that chips don’t have a chance.

I received two colors from the line: above you see left Red-y, Set, Run! and right pink tank. Both very girly colors, and I think they look so cute together, hihi!

Pink Tank

Pink Tank is a red-violety color, with a very smooth finish. Above I am wearing one layer, and that is enough to be completely covering. I think the quality of this lacquer is beautiful, the coverage is high and it looks pretty smooth and I like the color too. It may not be the first color you think about in autumn, but I like a bright color on my nails to counter the greyness of the weather.

Red-y, Set, Go!

I love red lips, but I always find red nails a little more difficult to wear. This Red-y, Set, Go! I feel very nice because it really has something special through the subtle pearl shimmer. It’s a color that’s just something on the warm side, and I think it matches beautifully with my skin color. A very nice lacquer, and by the finish very distinctive.


The nail polishes of Sally Hansen are always very nice, and its’s not different with the Sally Hansen Adventure Land colors. Pink Tank is a strong covering lacquer with a cream finish and a bright pink color, which is ideal for giving a gray day some color. Red-y, Set, Go! is a red lacquer with a subtle shimmer, which at the same time is warm and cool, and looks just a little different in any light. This polish is also very covering and stays strong on the nails.

What color do you prefer to your nails in the fall?

This article contains products I’ve received. Read my disclaimer.

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