Outfit: Flower Trousers

I love loose pants, and I love them all the more when they have a cute print. They are super comfy, and look stylish at the same time. When I was in Hungary, I went shopping and at H&M I found the perfect flower pants. I did not have to think about it for one moment, and immediately got to the checkout. Today, I’d like to show them to you too, so if you’re so curious about how I styled my flower trousers, read on!

As I mentioned above, I got my pants at H&M. I usually just go to H&M for basics, but I just could not let this one go. In the store, there was also a shirt that matched with the pants, but I thought that the pants in combination with the shirt looked just like pajamas. The fabric is really soft, and it feels funny as if I’m still walking in my pajamas! Love it!

My top is really super old, and I think I once bought it from Pull & Bear – it used to be my favorite store. It’s just a basic tank top, which I often wear when wearing other, some more striking items.

The yellow jacket I wear, I bought at Bershka. I thought it was a nice jacket, and in the sales they were extra cheap, so I immediately bought the yellow and the blue one. That’s okay, right?

My hat is secretly not mine, but my sisters. She found it at the Kringwinkel, and it’s really cute. The dark blue color makes the hat very hip but autumn. A hat always makes an outfit, I think. Well found, Floortje!

The shoes I wear are so beautiful! They are from Fabulous Fabs and they are the perfect boots. I love khaki and dark green, and the studs on the sides make them totally perfect. Ideal boots for autumn.

Trousers: H&M // Top: Pull & Bear // Jacket: Bershka // Hat: Kringwinkel // Shoes: Fabulous Fabs
Do you like loose pants?

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