Are You Ready For Black Friday 2017?

Black Friday. Do you already know this special day? Many people know the concept, but where does it actually come from? Why is it called Black Friday? And is it also common to offer discounts on Black Friday in Belgium and the Netherlands? On what day is Black Friday this year? And especially: how can I use this bargain-day myself? Read on quickly, because I’m listing all the information you need! 

The Day After Thanksgiving

Black Friday was born in America, and takes place after Thanksgiving every year. On that particular Friday, most employees don’t have to work, and the season for Christmas shopping starts. Many shops use this day to attract visitors with their special offers and extreme discounts on items.

Busy, busy, busy

The name “Black Friday” was invented because on that day the shops attract a lot of visitors, and because the shopping streets are filled with people and the streets full of traffic, they named the day Black Friday. In front of most stores, there is already a line of people waiting before they even open, for everyone wants to get the item with the highest discount.

Black Friday

Thanksgiving is not really celebrated in Belgium and the Netherlands, but many stores are starting to use Black Friday to offer serious discounts. This year’s Black Friday will take place on November 24th, and there are a lot of shops that advertise with their special Black Friday offers. You can also score good deals yourself on November 24th, as more and more stores in our countries are taking part in the phenomenon. Especially electronics stores are known for their incredibly high discounts on Black Friday, but nowadays clothing stores also know this way to get people ready for Christmas shopping. Black Friday Belgium and Black Friday Netherlands are happening! Personally, I LOVE shopping, so Black Friday is the perfect way to save some money.

Did you already know Black Friday? Are you going shopping on Black Friday?

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