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Now it’s getting colder, my skin is drier than ever. I honestly hate to have a hazy skin that looks dry and feels terribly uncomfortable. Especially my hands, legs, feet and arms are the victim of the dry, cold weather. Time to try out some body care products! Today I’m testing the Maria Galland Body Care: the Huile Délicieuse Corps and the Baume Comfort Velours. Read on quickly if you also suffer from dry skin. 

Maria Galland is a brand I hadn’t not heard of a while ago, but the products I have tested so far have been great. I tried some of their face care, solar products and even their makeup. Today it’s time for their body line. I try the Bauma Comfort Velours – or the Velvet Body Balm – and the Huile Délicieuse Corps – or the Soothing Body Oil

Baume Comfort Velours

Dit is wat Maria Galland zegt over de Baume Comfort Velours:

De veelzijdige bodylotion voorziet de droge huid, die een grote behoefte heeft aan verzorging, langdurig van vocht. Kostbare werkstoffen kalmeren de huid en helpen haar om het vocht beter op te slaan. De zachte, crèmige textuur geeft de huid een weldadig gevoel, maakt haar voor langere tijd soepel en regenereert haar. De lichaamshuid is de hele dag perfect verzorgd en voelt heerlijk zacht aan.

The main ingredients of this product are hyaluronic acid (hydrating), urea (moisturizing and anti-inflammatory), glycine (buffer, caring), shea butter (nourishing), coconut oil extracts (moisturizing, nourishing, a nice scent), squalane (moisturizing, antioxidant) and extract of licorice root (soothing and healing)

My dry patches disappear like snow in the sun!

The cream is very airy and yet sturdy, and smells subtle but pleasant. I used the balm on my whole body, and also my feet and hands. That was delicious: the balm feels soft on the skin and quickly gets absorbed. Once the cream is set, my skin looks soft and nourished. The spots that were dry and even had a white haze had disappeared like snow in the sun! Even the day after I used the Baume Comfort Velours, my skin felt delicious.

Huile Délicieuse Corps

This is what Maria Galland says about the Huile Délicieuse Corps:

A declaration of love that crawls in the true sense of the word under the skin: the dry oil, an exclusively developed nouveauté from Maria Galland. A nourishing cocktail of sunflower, echium, jojoba and inca-inchi oil regenerates the skin – a particular ingredient complex gives her an optimal dose of fatty oils. Vitamin E protects her from premature skin aging, improves moisture content and acts as an antioxidant. A complex of peanuts, lotus and jojoba oils improves the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. The oil draws immediately, leaving no residue. Practical for any client who want to dress immediately after the body care.

The oil contains, as active ingredients, squalane (hydrating, antioxidant), vitamin E (antioxidant), cardiospermum halicacabum, echium and sunflower oil, a complex of lotus, periwinkle and jojoba oil, Inca-Inchi oil. All very promising ingredients! I could not wait to spoil my dry skin with a nice body oil.

This oil is so light and doesn’t feel greasy.

I like to use oil, for my hair, body and face; I think it’s delicious. This Huile Délicieuse Corps is really something for me, because the oil is light and absorbs fast – unlike some other oils I used. Also with this product, the smell is subtle and I’m delighted. I was afraid that this oil would feel greasy on my skin, but that’s certainly not the case. It is wonderful to spoil myself with this fine oil.


Following my experiences with Maria Galland’s facial care, sun care and makeup, the body products have also been approved. This airy, nutritious balm and light oil are exactly what my body needed on these cold days!

Maria Galland’s products are exclusively available at Maria Galland beauty specialists. For me, it’s definitely worth going to your salon and trying out these products.

Does your skin get dryer during the fall?

This article contains items I have received. Read my disclaimer

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