Moving out! Interior inspiration

About a year ago I started living with my parents again, but now I think it is time for my own place. My search for my own home has only just begun. By now I am already so excited with as a result I am searching for interior inspiration. I cannot get enough of looking inside other people’s house, and use their ideas for my personal interior style. I really cannot wait to decorate my own place! Read on for my most funny inspiring pictures!

This picture was immediately appealing to me, because I really want to have a desk against the window. I often suffer from a lack of vitamin D, and a good amount of light always makes me feel good. If I can enjoy a beautiful view while working, that is a plus! Look also how nice the rack on the wall is!

By accident I got my eye on something I had never thought about. Once I move to my own place, I am going to invest in a beautiful trash can. A trash can can really ruin the look of a perfect interior if it does not fit nicely, but with this beautiful Brabantia trash can you can make your interior even nicer. There are many different models and colors where you can choose from, so you will definitely find one that fits your interior.

Haha, I just noticed the cat on the picture! I really want a nice sofa, where I can put tons of cushions on. I love a seat with lots of cushions on, it always looks so cozy. So I really would love to see this in my own living room.

With this picture I do not want to focus on the interior, but on the windows, especially on their presence. I do not know yet where I am going to live, but I know I am looking for a place with lots of light. Where I live now, we have windows everywhere, it feels like living outside, and I really cannot miss that.

On one hand I want my interior to be sleek and clean, but on the other hand I want the necessary warmth to be present. I like soft materials, and accents with warm colors. How cozy does this little corner look like?

I love looking inside the homes of other people, and checking out interior blogs, like my favorite one: Interior Tales!

How does your interior look like? What do you think of my inspiring ideas?

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