First Ski Holiday? 5 Tips!

Last year, February 2016, I went skiing for the first time. I heard everyone tell so many good things about such a snow holiday, and I thought I had to experience it for myself. I had never skied or snowboarded before, and I know myself well enough to say that I am not a pro in those kind of things, so I was very curious about my first ski holiday. Because that time of year is coming up again, I thought it would be a good plan to share five tips, which I found very important for my first ski holiday. Read on quickly.

1. Try it out first

I had never been on the slats before, and I did not even know if I would like it at all. So I decided to give it a try before I booked the trip. Along with a few friends, I went to an indoor slope to get the feeling. As I expected: I was very bad at it, but I really liked it! So I could leave with peace of mind.

2. Borrow your ski gear from friends

Ski clothing is really expensive! I was shocked at how much I would have to spend to leave completely prepared for snow holidays, but fortunately I knew that some of my friends had some gear. I borrowed my full ski outfit from a friend who has the same size as me, saving a lot of money.

3. Choose a beautiful destination

Okay, skiing and snowboarding is great, but for me it has to be something more than just that. What I noticed on my first winter holiday was the beautiful view. I had never seen anything like this before, and I could genuinely enjoy just looking around me. Last year I went to France, but also a winter sport in Austria is definitely on my wish list. I have seen so many beautiful photos, I just have to go there.

4. You’re free to wear sunscreen

I know I have said this more than a thousand times: but please do not forget your sun protection. I myself apply every day of the year a factor of 50, so especially do so if you’re on a ski holiday. The UV rays are reflected by the white snow and you get a sun burn a lot faster. So protect your face, lips, neck and possibly hands!

5. Relax, take it easy

My last tip is to take it easy. Try to enjoy where you are and the fact that you can do this. I am not such a sporting soul myself, I was exhausted every day, so I especially tried to enjoy and relax. Oh, and do not fear the lifts! I have a lot of fear of heights, so that was really something I had to overcome. But once you are on top, the view is undoubtedly worth it.

Are you taking a ski trip this year?

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