Outfit: Fluffy Sweater

On Sunday I woke up and a feeling of joy overtook me. An intense white light shone into my room along the window; the whole street was covered with a white layer of snow. The flakes kept fluttering down and yesterday it also snowed all day. I love the snow, but the cold is always a bit too much for me. That’s why I decided to wear a super soft, fluffy sweater yesterday to compensate for the cold weather. I combined the sweater with a few new items, so read on quickly if you want to see my newest pieces!

How fluffy is my sweater? You just want to caress it, don’t you? I have worn the sweater a few times now, and every time everyone wants to touch me. I am not 100% sure whether I like that or not, haha! The sweater is from Lidl, so it is also very affordable. The neckline is cut open wide, so you can also wear it off-shoulder. I really like the neckline, it makes the sweater extra elegant!

I wore my new jeans from Boohoo, which you have seen already in my shoplog. What I said in the video is still valid: it fits good everywhere, except at the waist. I can not wear it without a belt, but I think that is not really a problem. I think the color of the jeans is perfect, and on the ankles it is finished with the word “Daydreamer”. So cute!

As needed with these jeans, I am wearing my latest belt from Gucci. I received it yesterday afternoon, so I immediately put it on. I had to wait a while for the shipment, but I’m so happy with it! An accessory like this can really finish an outfit, I think.

I also have a pair of new shoes. These are from Faguo, a French brand that makes shoes, suitcases and clothes for the “everyday adventurer”. And what’s great about the brand too: a tree is planted for every pair of shoes! I opted for a model with a somewhat thicker, white sole. I think they are beautiful because they are both elegant and sporty and cool.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to my new bag. Last weekend I was invited by Maasmechelen Village to visit, and at the Michael Kors store I saw a bag that I simply could not resist. Isn’t it perfect? The color, the model, it really is completely my style. I am always so happy when I see it!

Sweater: Lidl // Jeans: Boohoo // Belt: Gucci // Shoes: Faguo // Bag: Michael Kors
How do you like this outfit?

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