Balance Your Skin With Barnängen

I feel it: after the holidays my skin is completely out of balance. My legs are dry and even feel a little prickly, hateful! Fortunately, I met Barnängen at the right time, a Swedish brand that has a range of products with Scandinavian ingredients that will bring your skin back into balance. I tried some of their products and tell you more about it today. Read on quickly.

I have received a large package, richly filled with delicious products that will bring my skin back to top condition. The packaging looks very nice already. Barnängen is a Swedish brand, and in Sweden it can sometimes be cold, so I am convinced that in Scandinavia they know what works well against dry skin!

The products from Barnängen are recently available in Belgium, and you can buy them from Di.

I start with the Midsommar Glow Body Oil, a delicious body oil that protects and softens your skin. Meanwhile you know that I prefer to grease EVERYTHING with oil (my face, my body, my hair, my bed, my floor, my closets, … I want to bathe in oil at all times) so I knew even before I had him tried that I could not live without it.

And indeed, it is wonderfully soft and makes my skin nicely smooth, without leaving too greasy a layer. It attracts quickly, and is ideal to take along because it is so small.

The Body Lotions look fantastic too. I like the fact that they have a pump, that’s so easy! I tried three variants: Sensitive, Nutritive and Caring. My favorite is the Sensitive, although I find them all very nice. They smell subtle and delicious, and my skin is nourished in a gentle way.


The Sensitive Body Lotion contains elder and 5% cold cream, and is ideal for sensitive skin.


Cloudberry is the star in the Sensitive Body Lotion, which also contains 7% cold cream and provides nutrition to dry to very dry skin.


Oat Milk is known for its soothing properties, and that is also what the Caring Body Lotion does for normal to dry skin.

Barnängen also has a number of shower and bath gels, which also look super cute! I tried three variants: Sauna Relax, Glacier Breeze and Midsommar Glow. All three smell wonderful, and they take care of my skin while also having a gentle cleansing effect.

If your skin is slightly drier you can of course also choose the Shower Creams, which will feed your skin a bit more. I tried these Shower Creams in the two Caring and Nutritive varieties, and they are so tasty! They smell really delicious and I really enjoy to rub them in!

Finally, I also tried the Barnängen All Over Rescue Body Balm, a real SOS cream that offers salvation when you really have dry spots on your skin. This cream is blissful on your elbows and knees, because they are regularly drier and rougher. I prefer to use it in the evening and apply it generously to the places where it is needed, and then I wake up with the softest skin ever!


This was my first impression of Barnängen’s products: the products are nice to use, smell good and are also very good for my skin. This is really exactly what I need in the winter. And the finest: you can now just find them at the drugstore! Thank you, Barnängen.

Do you also suffer from dry skin in the winter?

This article contains products that I have received. Read my disclaimer

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