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Today it is the very first time I write about Park Avenue! I had often seen the brand pass by, but I never tried anything. Because the Pro Palet looked very interesting, I thought it was time to change that. It is a palette that you can put together yourself, and I love that: that way I can choose all my favorite colors, and put them in a palette. Read on if you want to know what I think of Park Avenue Pro Palet!

Park Avenue is a Belgian brand that is only available at Di. The brand has a quite extensive range and is very budget proof. When I saw the palette for the first time, I did not think it looked like a budget brand: the packaging makes the palette look very professional indeed.

With the Pro Palette you have to choose the colors you want in the palette, and in this way you can create a palette that is completely made for you!

There are five places for colors, two large and three small spots. In total you can choose from up to 32 colors, so you can compose the palette exactly how you want it. You can buy the refills separately, so if one of the colors is empty, you can easily replace it with a new one. Because of the small slits you can easily place the refills in the palette, and also remove them. The palette itself is made of cardboard, but very sturdy, and closes with a magnet. It feels very high quality, and reminds me of the GLOW palettes of Anastasia!

The palette that I put together was inspired by the healthy glow. I chose two large bronzers, a warm blush, a highlighter and a blush with three colors. With this palette I can give my face warmth, but also color and even shine. Also check how beautiful the pattern of the highlighter is!

In the photo above I have swatched the two bronzers. The first bronzer is lighter and slightly warmer, and the second is a bit darker and a bit more cool. Both bronzers are very light in powder, and blend nicely with the skin. The pigment is also very beautiful, and it is easy to give my face a sun-kissed look with the bronzers! I use the light on the sides of my forehead, my cheekbones and under my jaw line, and with the dark bronzer I go over my cheeks.

In the photo above I have swatched the three small refills. On the left you see the warm bronzer, next to that the beautiful golden highlighter and in addition the cool blush – first the three colors separately and then swirled together.

The warm bronzer is a perfect peach color, this is really a blush that I wear in the summer, and it is beautiful on the skin. The highlighter gives an intense shine, this is really how a highlighter is supposed to be, and because of the golden color it warms my face beautifully. The cool blush, finally, is really such a color that suits every skin tone and gives a very natural effect. I also like it that you can use the colors separately, so you have three blushes for the price of one!

Above I have applied the bronzers, the warm blush and the highlighter. Now look at how glowy! I think I have put together a super good palette!


I think it’s really nice to put my palette together, and certainly if the quality is good too! Park Avenue Pro Palet is a very handy and budget-proof palette that you can fill with any color you want. I am very happy with the shades I have chosen, because they are not only very beautiful, but together they really give the best, healthiest result.

  • Park Avenue Pro Palette (empty), € 9,95
  • Refill Big, € 4,95
  • Refill Small, € 3,95

Exclusively by Di

Did you know Park Avenue? Would a palette like this be something for you?

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