Outfit: Just an Everyday Look

I love to wear fancy dresses, high heels and glitter, but of course there are also days when I just walk around “in a normal outfit”. In fact, most days are like that, because most of my time I just work at home. Yet I think that a casual, everyday outfit can also look beautiful. Today I share one of my favorite everyday outfits. Read on quickly to check it out!

Casual, comfy, but still completely Silke. I could wear this outfit every day. I love the fabrics, and the fits. The chino / jogging pants I took with me when I went shopping in my hometown at Be Under, which I told about more often. I really like shopping in this store, I always find something! These pants are both comfy and stylish, and I really like the color.

I combined my new pants with one of the t-shirts that I have had for a bit longer. This t-shirt I already laaaaaang, and I once bought at H & M. I could not find it, so I have linked a similar t-shirt below (that is as budgetproof as mine). I love the basic fit, and the fact that the color is more special.

Of course I chose my favorite pair of sneakers: my Adidas Superstars are comfortable and look cool. With these sneakers my outfit suddenly looks a lot sportier, I like it!

I bought my jacket a long time ago at Boohoo, but unfortunately it is no longer available. Fortunately, I found a similar jacket that I can link below, which also has an asymmetrical zipper and is also very affordable. I wear this jacket almost every day, an imitation leather jacket is a must have!

To finish my outfit, and to keep myself warm when I’m outside, I finish my look with a scarf. This scarf has leopard print on one side and stripes on the other side. He is wonderfully warm and nice and big (I sometimes use him as a blanket, hihi) and he is in sales at We Fashion.

Trousers: Only // T-Shirt: Zalando Essentials // Sneakers: Adidas // Faux-leather jacket: River Island // Scarf: We Fashion
What is an ideal everyday outfit for you?

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