Outfit: Stripetease

I wear a lot of plain pieces, but I am also a big fan of lines. With stripes you can create an illusion, attract attention to or away from a point. Striped clothing always pulls my attention, and today I am really going over the top. My whole outfit is striped and I LOVE IT. Are you curious about my outfit that looks a bit like it’s inspired by a prison look?

Lines, everywhere. I love stripes, and with this outfit, you can’t deny that! The nicest item of this outfit are the striped “trumpet” trousers. The pants are cropped a bit, and are a bit wider at the bottom of the legs. I really like these trousers, especially because they are also very flattering for my figure.

I decided to make a bold choice and combine my striped pants with a striped sweater. My sweater is from H&M, and I think it’s super cute that it is a bit cropped. The wide stripes look playful, and the fact that you can see a little bit of my belly is good. That way the attention is drawn to my narrowest point: my waist.

Again I wear my beloved Adidas Superstars, and what do you think of my new suitcase? I never had a small trolley yet, and this beautiful, deep red one of Mercedes and Samsonite is amazing. It is light, the wheels roll incredibly smoothly, and it also looks fancy and fashionable.

Tousers: Mango // Jumper: H&M // Sneakers: Adidas // Suitcase: Mercedes x Samsonite

Do you love lines as much as I do?

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